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We’re all about guiding students to academic heights while helping them grow personally. Our cutting-edge curriculum and immersive lessons ensure everyone gets a chance to shine.

Founded by Esther Peh, a former MOE English and Literature educator with over 14 years of expertise, we help teenagers become confident, articulate, and fulfilled individuals.


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Diya kaur
Diya kaur
English Mastery really helped me boost my english grades within a span of only a few months.Their well consolidated notes and resources has really allowed me to better understand certain answering techniques and skills essential for my learning.The teachers at English Mastery are very engaging and enthusiastic and i'm so grateful for their support and encouragement.I definitely recommend English Mastery if you want to improve your english grades like me!! Thank you English Mastery for everything 🙂
They focused on different component which helps me to improve my English effectively. Teachers are friendly and approachable. Recommended to join
the classes were engaging and the teacher was clear in explaining my mistakes. the personalised essay feedbacks were also beneficial to me as i could understand my mistakes and how i could improve. i learnt a lot from attending the classes.
Nicole Lai
Nicole Lai
English Mastery provides lots of useful resources which are beneficial for students who genuinely wishes to improve their English Language. Through their well-formatted worksheets and clear explanations from teachers in class, I am able to understand the question types and answering techniques way better than before. Not only do the teachers make the lessons extremely engaging, they are also very kind, patient and encouraging. Would recommend signing up for English Mastery's classes!
Valentin Playz
Valentin Playz
It’s very fun and interesting as there is kahoot games
It was a very pleasant learning experience for me, Englishmastery offers wide array of useful resources and provide their students with a free space to express any inquires. Teachers are very attentive, professional and precise with their teaching techniques, and lessons always run smoothly. Overall I will definitely recommend !! 😊
Isnarti Noordin
Isnarti Noordin
We are thankful for the guidance provided by the tutor at Englishmastery. Despite it being conducted online, my son found the lessons engaging. With Englishmastery, my son was able to hone the necessary skills and techniques to tackle his GCE 'O' level English paper. The timely feedback provided by the tutor for each assignment helped my son make improvements in his work and overcome his mistakes and pitfalls. Ample resources and support are also provided for revision. We signed up with English Mastery after Sec 4 Mid Year Examination. With the guidance from the tutor, and the practices and resources provided, my son was able to improve his grade by three grade jumps from a C5 in his Sec 4 Mid year exam to a distinction , in his final GCE 'O' level. Thank you.
Elaine Tan
Elaine Tan
My son has shown marked improvement in his English language even though he has only started tuition for less than a year with the tuition centre. Frankly, I have my reservations of signing up for online English tuition at the beginning of the year given our prior experience with another centre. My son’s previous tutor literally gave up on him. Fortunately we found a very dedicated and firm tutor in English Mastery. The small class size also allows teacher to monitor and supervise the students closely even though lessons are held online. My son has benefited from the teaching and it was reflected in his results. Kudos to the wonderful teacher and thank you English Mastery!
Amanda Sim
Amanda Sim
English Mastery has nice and friendly teachers who are willing to help their students. They cover many types of exercises for us to practice and give us opportunities to train our speaking skills. The worksheets sometimes also educate us about various topics like gender equality and racism. English Mastery teaches at a good pace which allows us to understand the content well without having to stress out. The after-class workload is usually kept to a minimum which helps me a lot as I usually have my own school work too. I feel that I have definitely improved through their lessons. For example, they have helped me to score consistently well for my summaries. Overall, English Mastery is a good place to learn and improve on your English speaking/writing ability.
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What's the English Mastery Difference?

Cutting-Edge Syllabus and Worksheets 🚀

  • In-house worksheets meticulously built on over 14 years of experience
  • One-stop tuition for O-Level English: Writing, Comprehension, Listening, and Oral skills
  • Latest 1184 O Level English syllabus
  • Systematically develops student vocabulary range

Warm and Friendly English Teachers 🤗

  • A safe, collaborative learning space for all

  • Constructive feedback delivered with a positive approach

  • All student questions are warmly welcomed and addressed earnestly

Personalised Teacher Guidance 📝

  • Weekly, detailed feedback on worksheets

  • Personalised video guidance for every student essay

  • Experience support at every step

Cultivate 21st-century readiness 🌏

  • Engaging educational videos to expand student perspectives
  • Thought-provoking articles for world readiness
  • A mission to nurture articulation, confidence and happiness of the next generation

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Esther Peh

B.B.M. in Corporate Communications & Marketing, SMU

P.G.D.E. (Secondary), National Institute of Education

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Teacher Stella

B.A. in Sociology and Corporate Communications, SMU

Play Video
Teacher Iris

B.A. in Media and Communications & Psychology, Univ. of Melbourne

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Teacher Samantha

B.Comm. in Accounting, Business Economics & Law, Univ. of Alberta, Canada

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What are the English components taught?

In our curriculum, we cover all 4 components of the O Level English paper, preparing our students for their O Level English exam with utmost confidence and readiness.

Paper 1 Writing [70 marks]
Editing, Situational Writing, Continuous Writing

Paper 2 Comprehension [50 marks]
Visual Texts, Narrative Comprehension, Non-Narrative Comprehension, Summary

Paper 3 Listening [30 marks]
Various Listening Tasks, Note-Taking 

Paper 4 Oral Communication [30 marks]
Planned Response, Spoken Interaction

What is covered during the two-hour lessons each week?

Each week, we dive deep into a specific section of the English paper. Our structured approach includes: 

  • In-depth analysis of questions
  • Engaging guided discussions
  • Activities to reinforce learning 
  • Prompt marking and feedback
How soon can my child see progress and improvement?
Giving your child 4 to 6 months is a reasonable timeframe to see progress.

Students who show remarkable improvement in a short time are proactive in applying our strategies to their school work and find our notes invaluable for reviewing essential exam tips.
What is the class size at English Mastery?

Our classes have between 5 and 10 students. This small class size allows us to focus on individual progress and development.

Google Verified Review:

We are thankful for the guidance provided by the tutor at Englishmastery.

Despite it being conducted online, my son found the lessons engaging.

We signed up with English Mastery after Sec 4 Mid Year Examination. My son was able to improve his grade by a three-grade jump from a C5 in his Sec 4 mid-year exam to a distinction in his final GCE 'O' level.

The timely feedback provided by the tutor for each assignment helped my son make improvements in his work and overcome his mistakes and pitfalls. Ample resources and support are also provided for revision.

Isnarti Noordin, Parent of Sec 4 Student

I'm concerned about my child's focus and motivation during online classes. How do you keep students engaged?

We understand your concern, and we want to assure you that our online classes are crafted to be immersive and enjoyable. Our experienced teachers conduct dynamic discussions, engaging activities, and utilise multimedia resources to keep students actively involved and excited about learning.

Will my child have access to the necessary learning materials and resources for online classes?

Absolutely! Our interactive classes are conducted via Zoom. All weekly worksheets and assignments are conveniently coordinated through Google Classroom.

How is your curriculum aligned with 21st-century learning skills and future needs?

At English Mastery, fostering holistic growth and developing 21st-century skills is at the core of our teaching philosophy. Here's how we achieve this:

Curated Content and Materials: We select a wide range of content and materials that expose our students to diverse perspectives, cultures, and ideas. 

Engaging Discussions: Our experienced teachers lead interactive discussions in the classroom. We encourage students to actively participate and engage in respectful discussions. 

Social and Emotional Learning: Our curriculum includes activities that promote empathy, self-awareness, and effective communication skills.

Our curriculum weaves these elements for a holistic learning experience, preparing students for success in academics and personal lives.

Do you offer a free trial class for new students?

Yes, we offer a free trial class for new students to experience the English Mastery difference. WhatsApp us to schedule your trial class.

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English Mastery helped me improved my grades, transforming my composition from a B4 to an A1. The teacher is kind, encouraging, and understanding, creating a fun and engaging learning environment. Weekly classes are eagerly anticipated, with helpful notes and examples provided. Their focus on positive examples boosts learning, and their dedication to making lessons enjoyable is commendable. Highly recommend attending English Mastery lessons!

Ng Pei Xuan, Parent Certified Google Review

English Mastery’s dedication and in-house worksheets have led to notable improvement in my son’s English results. Their detailed progress reports identify strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. Easy communication through their WhatsApp account adds to their helpful and friendly approach. Grateful for English Mastery’s support!

A C, Parent Certified Google Review

English Mastery provides valuable guidance for GCE ‘O’ level English. With ample resources and support, my son achieved a three-grade improvement, going from C5 to distinction. Grateful for English Mastery’s impact. Their engaging online lessons and timely feedback enhance skills and overcome challenges.

Isnarte Nordin, Parent Certified Google Review