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5 Reasons Why Our Classes Are Worth Your Money

Even with the new and tightened safe-distancing measures put in place, learning shouldn’t stop for your child, especially for a core subject like English.

If you are looking for English tuition classes for your child, we’d like to share 5 reasons why our Live Online English classes are worth your investment.

1. We didn’t scramble to go online

Since the first Circuit Breaker in 2020, our team decided to shift our entire operations online because we want to provide consistent, uninterrupted, and quality lesson delivery to all our students.

This means that over the course of a whole year, our processes are refined and stabilised for maximum learning. This is a process that doesn’t happen overnight and we are glad to reach a place where our students now receive consistently quality lessons without frustrating technical glitches.

We ensure that all students switch on their cameras and participate actively. We incorporate engaging quizzes and activities to teach exam skills. We work actively with parents to ensure that our students stay attentive and engaged. No one is lost or forgotten in our school.

2. Learn in a premium small group class (4-8 students only)

Let’s face it, teenagers need supervision. That’s why most of them do not thrive in large classes. With a premium small group class size of 4-8 students, your child receives the attention he or she is unable to get in school.

In addition, we have a simple philosophy: there is no learning when there is no engagement. Nobody wants to come for extra classes when they are going to be boring. We work hard to engage every one of our students so that attending tuition lessons is something to look forward to and is also a fruitful experience.

“My teacher is engaging and is very positive. She also marks my work conscientiously, giving me useful feedback.” – Nicole Lin, Beatty Secondary School 

“I was a part of a group of three other students. I got an A2 for O Level English. I am really thankful. As long as you are willing to put in the effort, the lessons will be beneficial to you.” – Jeremy Quek, St. Gabriel\’s Secondary School

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3. Find out what your child is doing in class – every week

As a parent, you won’t have to wait for your child to show you their grades now. You can see assignment submissions and test scores as soon as they are graded by your child’s teacher on our easy-to-use learning platform.

On our platform, it’s also easy to send your child’s teachers a direct message or follow class updates.

Completed and marked worksheets are printed in hard copy every 6 weeks and sent to your mailing address for filing and revision purposes.

4. Get highly personalised and detailed feedback

Personalised Essay Feedback Video

Has your child ever got confused at the red scribblings on his or her essay? What good is feedback if it’s not understood? We go the extra (extra) mile to record a personalised video commenting on every piece of your child’s writings.

Each video explains grammar points, vocabulary opportunities, and content directions. Slow down, speed up or replay the video in class for self-paced learning, all under the watchful eye of the teacher.

This valuable video feedback is something you will not find in other schools.

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Weekly Detailed Marking

Like a coach correcting a sports player’s techniques frequently, we give all our students detailed feedback on their work – every single week. Before your child’s next lesson, the week’s homework will be marked and returned. Prompt and regular feedback is key for improvement.

5. Work with Our Competent Team of Educators

We take our lesson materials seriously. Our curriculum team is comprised of a top-notch consultant who holds a Doctor of Education, a veteran English teacher with Masters in Applied Linguistics, and other capable teachers who are also writers.

All our materials are teachings are in accordance with the latest MOE English Syllabus.

Above all, you\’ll be working with a team that is truly passionate and dedicated to their craft.

Are you still sitting on the fence?

No worries, we understand that making decisions can be difficult. That\’s why we have a $20 trial lesson promotion for new students who are keen to find out more without having to make an initial commitment.

Join us in one of our classes today, and decide if this is for you.

Contact Us @ 8709 7859

Get better English grades in the new syllabus

Master O Level English exam strategies that matter for secondary 1 to 4 students. With only 4 to 8 students in each class, students get maximum teacher’s attention.

Sign up for a $20 trial lesson to experience one of our classes.


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Ng Pei Xuan, Parent Certified Google Review

English Mastery’s dedication and in-house worksheets have led to notable improvement in my son’s English results. Their detailed progress reports identify strengths, weaknesses, and suggestions for improvement. Easy communication through their WhatsApp account adds to their helpful and friendly approach. Grateful for English Mastery’s support!

A C, Parent Certified Google Review

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